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*squee* I got accepted into good_fanicons!!! It's like this elite-type icon community for fandom icons where you have to be invited and given posting access and they liked my sample of icons and now I have posting access! LOL. I'm so happy. Maybe I should stop been so hard on my icon making skills. Obviously some people think they don't suck though need to work on my sharpening lots, haha.

Am gonna x-post this in my personal journal as well - mesawoo. If you want to be friended there since that's where my real updates for my life and such are made then just give me a holla in here. :) If not, then hehe. Not much of a loss.
Michael Guerin // Roswell

tv show icons

Ok, so I found these great textures and yeah. I'm bored and easily amused and out of that comes icons. Plus, the newest episode of The O.C. rocked so I had to make some spidey kiss icons. :D So whatever. Take? Comment/credit.

4;_The O.C.
3;_One Tree Hill
2;_Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This kiss, this kiss... it's criminal.Collapse )
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Michael Guerin // Roswell

What comes from a boring day? Icons!

Ok, so yeah. I got bored and started making icons after I was browsing through cap_it. I hadn't been in there in ages and today was a good enough day to browse so yes. If you like any of them and want to use them, just comment and credit.

Textures: im_glas & myself
Pictures: cap_it

5;_One Tree Hill
3;_Misc. [Roswell, Point PLeasant, Shiri Appleby Base]


'Cause I'm hopeful, hopeful, hopeful for todayCollapse )

A lot of these were just experiments and didn't come out to my liking. I have more to add later but I can't till the voting in the icon challenges are over or they'll be disqualified.
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